Trusted by some of the worlds biggest brands and organisations.

Change fuels the progress of many organisations and using our expertise, we help facilitate, implement & successfully manage that change.

We are an impact focused, marketing led consultancy firm specialising in digital strategy, transformation and change mangement. We accommodate business of all shapes and sizes and work in a flexible, lean & agile manner to create capability & embed change whilst transfering skills, knowledge and expertise along the way.

If you are rightsizing, downsizing, adopting new ways of working and transforming your business we love to help lend a hand!

    Building your change capability and competency

    As business environments become more dynamic, diverse, and interconnected change is inevitable especially disruptive change, in fact it may be the only constant.

    The economy, products, technology,employees, and even customers change yet many businesses fall short when preparing for and successfully implementing change.

    We work with organisations, their people and processes to help establish frameworks for change, transition, communicate, implement and manage the transformation.

    Establish Direction

    We help determine your SOS - Situation -where you are now, Objectives -where you are trying to get to, and Strategy -how to get there.


    Stakeholder Management

    We work with your people to foster engagement and obtain buy-in, breakdown silos and boundries through communication, collaboration & commitment.


    Change Communications

    Successfull change starts with effective communication. We help ensure your change is presented and communicated in a way that helps influence the transition.


    Coaching & mentoring through change

    We adopt the GROW model in our approach to Coaching & Mentoring for its simple yet powerful step by step process. The model developed by Alexander, Fine & Whitmore in the Eighties is still favoured today by many leading practitioners and consultants.


    The first step is understanding what behaviours need to change and then structure this change as the goal.

    The goal has to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time bound).


    Identify the current reality, the starting point, the what, who, when, where, how elements.

    Its this phase where we will identify the current distance from your goal and what needs to be done.


    Once the current reality is established then its time to explore and determine the possible options.

    It's here we brainstorm all the ideas and possible routes to achieve the goal effectively.

    Way forward

    Its here we gain a commitment to actions, the specific route, path, direction neccessary to progress towards the goal.

    Milestones and review stages are established to create accountability and measure the progress against plan.

    Leading your people through change

    We help many orgnanisations survive and thrive through change with our coaching & mentoring services.

    Wework with small business owners wearning many hats to the growing SME's who lack strategy & direction.

    In the corporate world, it's leaders, MD's , CEO's and their teams we help to drive their transformation and change efforts.

    Coaching, Mentoring & Training Options


    We work on an individual basis with leaders, business owners, and directors for rapid in-depth coaching and mentoring to focus on the change challenges & business demands.


    People Managers

    We help equip people managers with the right tools and techniques to understand and deal with the emotional complexities of change, in order to lead and manage their employees through times of uncertainty.


    Large Teams

    For transformational change to be successfull, everyone must be in the right boat and rowing in the right direction. We work with organisations to help with their communication, collaboration and commitment goals.


    McKinsey 7-S
    Change Model

    Developed by Robert Waterman and Tom Peters in the early 80's The Mckinzie 7-S model is a framework that analyzes firm’s organisational design by looking at 7 key internal Factors:

    Strategy, Structure, Systems, (The hard factors) Shared values, Style, Staff and Skills, (The soft factors) in order to identify if they are effectively aligned and allow organization to achieve its objectives.

    The model is a powerful tool for assessing and analyzing the changes in the internal situation of an organisation

    The 7-S Factors



    This is the change management plan and subsequent roadmap that will facilitate and support the direction for growth.



    Understanding the authority, relationships & the division of activiies, business units, functions, entities and coordination of these mechanisms.



    The processes of the company, HR, Risk Management, Sales,Marketing. CRM's, these are the formal measures and procedures for resource allocation.


    Shared Values

    Identifying what the organisation is trying to achieve, what it stands for, the goals, standards. mission, vision and core values.



    The way things are done in the organisation, the style, the culture the typical behaviour demonstrated by key figureheads.



    The people within the organisation, the talent, their skill-sets and capabilities, gender, diversity and attitudinal characteristics.



    The organisation and individual skill levels witihin the organisation. It's the discipline the creates compettive advantage and significatly contributes to growth.

    Trusted by some of the worlds biggest brands and organisations.

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