Trusted by some of the worlds biggest brands and organisations.

Trust in our expertise! Our Google Ads Management & Campaign services really do drive qualified traffic, conversions and sales.

We combine our passion for results and our expertise to drive immediate impact, growth and most importantly return on advertising spend.

We act as an extension of your marketing team, working with you from the start to design and launch the perfect ad campaigns that drive meaningful traffic and sales.

We don't just stop there, we revise and optimise every step of the way. We apply very tight targeting controls and test constantly to ensure your websites conversion rates are providing the targeted returns. Contact us today and let us drive your sales growth.

    Our Google Ads Management Services

    New Accounts

    Our experts will kick-start your advertising journey by building a brand new fit-for purpose advertising account that also incorporates the Bing platform. All accounts are developed with clear road-maps, objectives KPI's.


    Account Adoption

    We are well versed in account adoption. Fixing under-performing accounts is our speciality! Our paid search team are always eager to demonstrate their capabilities. Why not test them with your account!


    Google Shopping

    If you want or have an online shop then we can help develop the right Google Shopping Feed to ensure your products appear in the search results increasing brand visibility and driving product sales.


    Lead Generation

    As a digital marketing agency it is necessary for us to drive leads across a variety of industry sectors. We specialise in driving site traffic, conversions and leads that are qualified with buyer intent. Whatever your product, service or industry- let us drive your leads.


    Social Campaigns

    Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram, are some of the social media channels that are essential targeting platforms. We can help you reach existing website visitors using custom audiences, or create new audiences to drive segmented users to your website.


    Linkedin Ads

    If you need to reach B2B decision makers then this platform performs well with targeted and optimised paid campaigns to drive leads from niche audiences, specific industries, locations, and job roles. We specialise in running in mail, sponsored content and text ad campaigns.


    Our Account Management Team

    As a marketing agency and training provider we make sure our team are regularly up-skilled and kept abreast of the latest advances, updates and changes in the digital marketplace. It's this that makes us specialists!

    The team live and breathe the Google Ads platform, constantly developing PPC advertising strategies and testing new features and ideas so that we can continue to understand how to get the best results for our clients.

    Clients directly benefit from this practice, coupled with our experience across a variety of industry sectors, B2B and B2C we hit the ground running with every account.

    Our PPC Process

    We follow a robust PPC account management process that has evolved to cover a variety of different factors when working on any website we manage. This process follows a series of clear guiding principles that cover all onsite opportunities.

    Every account we manage has a dedicated account manager who reports weekly on the mutually agreed KPI targets. We have our own proprietry reporting software, Bright metrics which allows our PPC managers to be even faster and more efficient in identifying opportunities.

    We adopt a transparent and modular service approach that gives clients visibility on work in progess. Our ignition reports help traffic light priority areas for growth and we use market intelligence to help expediate the ranking rate.

    Our Ad Management Process


    Dedicated Account Management

    Every client campaign is handled by a dedicated and experienced account manager who is google ads certified. Acting as an extension of clients marketing team, the account manager has overall ownership of allocated campaigns and driving the results.


    Weekly Reporting

    Transparency and communication are vital elements to the success of the process. Each campaign benefits from weekly reporting which is generated by our own proprietary reporting system 'bright Metrics' whereby critical success factors are reviewed, revised an optimised.


    KPI Based Campaigns

    Every campaign is built around predefined key performance indicators (KPI's), these are crucial for driving, measuring and ultimately defining the success of the activities and delivering return on investment (ROI).


    Modular Service

    We adopt a modular approach to every campaign to ensure transparency and a phased approach to implementation. Every element of the campaign is covered form housekeeping to tech SEO.


    Market Intelligence

    We ensure market insights fuel our process. Our account managers scan the landscape and use the intelligence to help accelerate every campaign ensuring best practice principles are being applied for maximum results.

    Measurement & Optimisation

    What gets measured, gets done! When managing any account, tracking and improving is a crucial step that ensures ongoing success and results. Consequently, we make it our objective to always focus on the numbers, because that's whats important.

    We love the numbers so much we built our own proprietary reporting suite, Bright Metrics. The unique platform acts as a real time reporting portal, allowing not only the account management team real-time visibility but also clients.

    Its this transparency that sets us apart form other agencies. We are an extension of our clients marketing team and they need to believe in our abilities and see it with their own eyes.

    User Experience

    Our team of PPC analysts are all experts in User Experience and appreciate the difference a UX programme can make to a campaign. Therefore, our PPC agency services include analysis of your website and user experience, with reports delivered to your web team on how to improve the conversion rates and user journey for an increase in Return on Investment.
    By delivering a full service approach to PPC marketing in this way, we ensure we will increase the usability of our clients websites which will also increase the performance of not just the traffic we drive through our PPC advertising, but any traffic that lands on the website overall. Great value for all of our clients.

    User Experience Services

    Landing Page Optimisation

    We will utilise our expertise and industry knowledge to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages


    Funnel Optimisation

    We can analyse your entire digital sales funnel and optimise it from entry click to cart success.


    A/B Testing

    We can setup multi-variant tests to measure the effectiveness of different styles of copy and page layouts.


    Trusted by some of the worlds biggest brands and organisations.

    Let us audit your
    PPC strategy
    for your business

    Get our expert team to look at your existing ad accounts for an honest review of your performance.

    Fixed Management Fees

    We charge fixed fees per month, not a percentage of spend, so you know exactly where you are each month.

    Google Qualified Experts

    Our PPC Managers are all Google qualified, able to build the most optimum campaigns for your business.

    Proactive & Agile Team

    Our team is championed to continuously come up with new ideas and better ways of working to improve your performance.

    Daily Analytics & Reporting

    Our system Bright Metrics reports daily on campaign clicks, traffic and sales.

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